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The Second Ever Pizza Rulez Weekly Trend Report

Hi, so, first of all, before we sit down and talk, please listen to this song while you’re reading, so I know we’re both on the same page and all. K, onwards!

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Two Giant Semi-Unwearable Things as Worn by Me

Whoa, hey, didn’t see you there.

So I like black and I like big things and I like wearing things that make people say, “Wahhhaat why are you wearing that and is that even really something a person could wear?” And yes, the answer is yes, that really is something a person could wear with her own body, like this giant black shirt dress! 

Dang, you shapeless vintage Japanese thing! You do it to me every time. From Dear Rivington. I wore it with teal tights (#mytightsforthewin), and even that little tiger behind me pulled me aside and said, “Hey man, I know we don’t always get along or whatever, but I just wanted to let you know I think you look really nice today.”

And! I added supah-pointy boot thingies with little gold cut-outs. They’re several years old, but for a dope pointy look, try Giuseppe Zanotti or Jean-Michel Cazabat—two dudes who know how to make a knife-sharp toe. 

Next, I’m taking you to Pantstown, voted #5 Coolest Town to Live In 2009 by Forbes Magazine. Backpack by Everyone Has This Stupid Backpack

Now, from the side, you get a little hint of the Harem that is to come (Hint of the Harem: A Novel by WX Tchou. In the desert, only the good men can truly come home again.) However…

…from the front, it’s a whole different ball game. Or pants game! I mean this is true harem-ocity on a whole different level! Those pants are like almost as crazy as these!

Pants from Dear Rivington, which is the coolest place since the other time I said there was a cool place. Jacket by Rag&Bonez (same thingie in white so you can look like an angel from the heavens). Sweater by T by Alexander Wang, as in every time a bell rings an angel gets something from Alexander Wang. I’m really going with this angel theme, aren’t I?

And the shoes! Shoe Angels. Shoes by Loeffler Randall and they are kind of old so you’ll never get them so you can never be like me because no one will ever be like me!

Remember to love yourself today!!!


I’m Tight(s) with Celebrities

Once in a while, some rube will ask me, “Hey Pizza, what makes your blog different from all the other blogs that chronicle the personal style of affluent New York girls who use fashion as armor against the alienation of modern metropolitan life?”

Well first I make some joke like, “OK, Professor,” and then I say, “so like one, I have a boyfriend, and two, I spend hours on the internet looking for weird things I could feature on this blog and in my life.”

Like these tights:

Black and pink tights with little faces all over them. But not just any faces. Celebrity faces. You can’t quite get it here or in person, frankly, but that’s someone’s idea of Angelina Jolie and then Matt Dillon is kind of peeking out from under my skirt. You can find gems like these at mytights.com, which is my go-to for all novelty pantyhose and maternity tights.

Boots by Finsk. Bar ring by Bijules.

As for the rest of the outfit, I let the tights do their thang and stick to black. Dress by Rag and Bone. My dad bought it for me last winter (this season’s version here). What a freaking fashionista that man is. But I had a little flashdance-y moment and decided to pull down the boatneck a bit and layer a vest on top:

Bam. And all you really gotta do here is take something like this and tie a ribbon around the back part of it and then it’s like “Oooh a little sexy trampy!”

But I’m not here to tell you what to do.

I’m here to tell you how to live.