Fluttershy - Working In Background



I have new hairrrrr! Why and how and when am I so beauteous?

Bag by Lizzie Fortunato. Headband from Bendel’s. Shirt made of skinned teddy bears from Pixie Market. Booties by Loeffler Randall

And remember: always use accessories you can hide behind in case of an alien attack.



Hot Plaid Pizza

Before I say anything, I need to give you a little warning, which is,

Now listen: getting dressed in the morning is a big production for me. After I wash my hair in champagne and get my daily tattoo, I have to bring together all my unique influences—paper napkins, cats, the color black, the note F#—to create a cohesive outfit that perfectly communicates who I am. Just so, you know, people don’t have to ask. Because that’s so awkward.

Whatever, anyways, here’s an outfit.

GHahhahAhhahhhhhhh this skirt is so freaking cool. It’s super long and neon green plaid and taffeta and I mean, yeah, great job not having it, everyone except me. PLUS it looks sick with those little shoe dudes peeking out there. Skirt from M. Waspus McLacrosse IV Outfitters. Bag by Three-Day-Old Tuna Casserole x H&M Limited Edition Flag Day Designer Collaboration. Nahht. It’s Elaine Turner. I’m looking off into the distance thinking, “You guys, Akon is such a good singer.”

From the front y’all! No one puts Olsen in a corner. Gimme pizza indeed. Croppy toppy from Nasty Gal (similar here). My little baseball jacky is cool, right?

It’s for when I play baseball. Mine’s N/A, as in No you cAn’t buy it, but this one is cool and similar and this one is also cool if you have rollerblades made out of money. Vintage bracelet from that crazy coot of a great aunt I have, who gave me two rad purses. Blue ring by H&M x Courtney Cox: “Friends” are Jewels collection. Other ring by David Yurmz

And ahhh the shoes! By Loeffler Randall. I told you guys, I really do love those dudes.

Anyways, email me now to get on the waiting list to request an invitation for the beta version of having coffee with me: guyspizzasrslypizza@gmail.com

Til then, stay real.

-Ms. ‘Zza

Two Giant Semi-Unwearable Things as Worn by Me

Whoa, hey, didn’t see you there.

So I like black and I like big things and I like wearing things that make people say, “Wahhhaat why are you wearing that and is that even really something a person could wear?” And yes, the answer is yes, that really is something a person could wear with her own body, like this giant black shirt dress! 

Dang, you shapeless vintage Japanese thing! You do it to me every time. From Dear Rivington. I wore it with teal tights (#mytightsforthewin), and even that little tiger behind me pulled me aside and said, “Hey man, I know we don’t always get along or whatever, but I just wanted to let you know I think you look really nice today.”

And! I added supah-pointy boot thingies with little gold cut-outs. They’re several years old, but for a dope pointy look, try Giuseppe Zanotti or Jean-Michel Cazabat—two dudes who know how to make a knife-sharp toe. 

Next, I’m taking you to Pantstown, voted #5 Coolest Town to Live In 2009 by Forbes Magazine. Backpack by Everyone Has This Stupid Backpack

Now, from the side, you get a little hint of the Harem that is to come (Hint of the Harem: A Novel by WX Tchou. In the desert, only the good men can truly come home again.) However…

…from the front, it’s a whole different ball game. Or pants game! I mean this is true harem-ocity on a whole different level! Those pants are like almost as crazy as these!

Pants from Dear Rivington, which is the coolest place since the other time I said there was a cool place. Jacket by Rag&Bonez (same thingie in white so you can look like an angel from the heavens). Sweater by T by Alexander Wang, as in every time a bell rings an angel gets something from Alexander Wang. I’m really going with this angel theme, aren’t I?

And the shoes! Shoe Angels. Shoes by Loeffler Randall and they are kind of old so you’ll never get them so you can never be like me because no one will ever be like me!

Remember to love yourself today!!!