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Man Buns // More Puns // Lots of Funs

IT’S FASHION WEEK!!!!! Which means nothing.

IN OTHER BREAKING NEWS: according to the New York Times, Man Buns are the new IT-THING. (Weird, I thought it was this guy, but what do I know?) So exciting! Will women be DARING enough to try man buns?? Will it be the next crossover trend, like bow ties and Brogues and pants before it, to fall in the menswear-as-womenswear battle that’s been raging for the past decade? Would Annie Hall wear a man bun? Would Ellen? Would whoever this person is that came up when I googled “boys dressed as girls?”

You guys, honestly, I mean, we’ll really just have to wait and see.

In other other news, welcome to another episode of On the Couch with Pizza Rulez! 

Colorblock dress by Sonia Rykiel. New nose by Dr. Boyfriend

Looking towards the future; it’s a future filled with fame and fortune. Boots by Finsk. 

Yo, here’s me with a giant bow on my head:

And look at my cool neckline!!!!! I am on the cutting edge, always!!!!!!!

Click here to get the look!!!!!!

Now go visit Dr. Boyfriend for more biting wit and biting dogs.

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I know what I did!

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Raspberry Beret (the kind you find at a second-hand store) from Lock & Co. Hatters’ Hat-a-Porter by Sylvia Fletcher. Winklepicker boots by London Underground. Given the fact that these are the shoe of choice for London’s punk scene and that hat is made by a place that is the milliner of choice for the British Royal Family, I’m pretty sure I’m making some egregious social commentary about English politics. White mullet sweater by Paul and Alice. Bag by Rebecca Minkoff. Totally fake leather leggings give me liquid dream thighs. Plaid and fur jacket by Adam. Coffee by Cafe Grumpy. “Hands” by Jewel. Gold-plated intestines by Dior. Mind by Celine Dion x Guy Debord x H&M.

Pizza Out.

November Showers Bring Bootz with Flowers

If there is one thing I am, it’s a ray of sunshine.

OK, nahht. That’s not true. But what is true is that today I walked around Chumbo in this rain looking mighty cool. What else is new, you say? Well, this time I TOOK ON NATURE’S FURY WITH NATURE’S FURY. And by nature’s fury, I mean some flowers.

When it rains, the average girl just wants to put on leggings and, as the New York Times’s Alexandra Jacobs so wonderfully put it, “those brightly colored Wellies that rob grown women walking in the rain of any possible mystery and allure.” But like Whitney Port, I don’t want to be average. So I stuck some flowers in my beauty boots for rainy day cheer + bonus points for legging coordination! Everyone cares about coordinating everything with their leggings!!!

My mom’s Burberry trench coat from the ’80s (like me!!!!). Sweater by T by Alexander Wang. Foil Floral Leggings by KaksitvaBoots by Ilse Jacobsen. Smirky-smirk by Look at me, look at my ~~~cool idea~~ to put flores in my boats like some avant-garde princess!

And seriously, Ilse Jacobsen makes the raddest rain boots evsies.

Thanks to my mom for letting me have this glorious coat and thanks to flowers for growing even though they know my mom only gave this coat to me to gloss over the fact that my brother is clearly her favorite.

Ugh, tears of envy: ALT, so freshy-fresh.