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Fashion has been giving me mad thoughts lately, one of which is that The War on Drugs is amazing, like really truly good, like so good that over a year after I first got Slave Ambient it still sounds like space aliens beaming down boss sounds from another galaxy. Like the rolling surf rock drumbeat that explodes into ’80s Springsteen thwacks at the beginning of “Baby Missiles” still makes me think “HECK YEAH.”

But The War on Drugs is transcendentally good. Like a year ago I had the world’s worst ever fashion job in fashion but I got to hear The War on Drugs for the first time, and The War on Drugs is so good that I sometimes wish I were back in that job because it would mean I’d be hearing The War on Drugs for the first time again because even though it’s good now it was even better then.

What this has to do with fashion and this outfit is just like, temporality, man, because this dress is just like-uh that.

Like this dress is really good. Every once in a while I make a little section of my closet where I put the best stuff, including stuff I wear all the time like this black Carven skirt that goes poof and a colorblock Sonia Rykiel dress that makes me look like a cool mom, and some stuff I don’t wear often but that’s just insane to look at like this Comme des Garcons bubblegum pink parachute dress. This dress is in there in a major way and probably will be until the end of time, because every time I wear it I geek out heavy over its weird baggy top and the flowing mullet action and the print, which is a floral print in the same way that, like, Berlin is scenic. 

Since I bought it, I’ve worn it once every weekend, sometimes through the whole weekend, and every time I wear it, it feels like the first time I wore it when I bought it two months ago. And YET!! sometimes I sit around gripped by the absurdly short-sighted nostalgia that grips all millennials, thinking to myself, “I miss two months ago, when I first tried this on in the store and angels and archangels joined together to sing a beatific cover of Egyptian Shumba because this dress rules so hard.” 

These boots are like that too. They were the first thing I bought from Oak and I wore them to frat parties in college and was the Girl With the Boots because they are pretty like portentous for a frat party. Especially in the Ivy League where jeans and straplezz topzz are the order of the day.

I would ask you if you have anything like that in your closet or your life but I don’t have comments on Pizza Rulez because I am afraid of anonymous internet commenters. I cannot afford to let haters keep me off my grind. But if you do have anything like that and you need to talk it out you can always find me on Twizzler or drop me a love note at pizzarulezzz@gmail.com or stand outside my apartment with a stereo hoisted over your head, playing The War on Drugs.

Man Buns // More Puns // Lots of Funs

IT’S FASHION WEEK!!!!! Which means nothing.

IN OTHER BREAKING NEWS: according to the New York Times, Man Buns are the new IT-THING. (Weird, I thought it was this guy, but what do I know?) So exciting! Will women be DARING enough to try man buns?? Will it be the next crossover trend, like bow ties and Brogues and pants before it, to fall in the menswear-as-womenswear battle that’s been raging for the past decade? Would Annie Hall wear a man bun? Would Ellen? Would whoever this person is that came up when I googled “boys dressed as girls?”

You guys, honestly, I mean, we’ll really just have to wait and see.

In other other news, welcome to another episode of On the Couch with Pizza Rulez! 

Colorblock dress by Sonia Rykiel. New nose by Dr. Boyfriend

Looking towards the future; it’s a future filled with fame and fortune. Boots by Finsk. 

Yo, here’s me with a giant bow on my head:

And look at my cool neckline!!!!! I am on the cutting edge, always!!!!!!!

Click here to get the look!!!!!!

Now go visit Dr. Boyfriend for more biting wit and biting dogs.

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I’m Tight(s) with Celebrities

Once in a while, some rube will ask me, “Hey Pizza, what makes your blog different from all the other blogs that chronicle the personal style of affluent New York girls who use fashion as armor against the alienation of modern metropolitan life?”

Well first I make some joke like, “OK, Professor,” and then I say, “so like one, I have a boyfriend, and two, I spend hours on the internet looking for weird things I could feature on this blog and in my life.”

Like these tights:

Black and pink tights with little faces all over them. But not just any faces. Celebrity faces. You can’t quite get it here or in person, frankly, but that’s someone’s idea of Angelina Jolie and then Matt Dillon is kind of peeking out from under my skirt. You can find gems like these at mytights.com, which is my go-to for all novelty pantyhose and maternity tights.

Boots by Finsk. Bar ring by Bijules.

As for the rest of the outfit, I let the tights do their thang and stick to black. Dress by Rag and Bone. My dad bought it for me last winter (this season’s version here). What a freaking fashionista that man is. But I had a little flashdance-y moment and decided to pull down the boatneck a bit and layer a vest on top:

Bam. And all you really gotta do here is take something like this and tie a ribbon around the back part of it and then it’s like “Oooh a little sexy trampy!”

But I’m not here to tell you what to do.

I’m here to tell you how to live.