What Outer Space’s Inner Circle is Wearing RIGHT NOW

As we all know, I am from outer space.

And lately, I’m getting a lot of fashion inspirationz from former Egyptian king and long-suspected alien Akhenaten. (He is also possibly our current president.) If you thought Akhenaten was totally revolutionary on earth, you should see what he’s doing in fashion.

See, the dude has the hourglass of power, particularly in the hips region:

And I can’t help but find that ToTalLy InsPiRiNG.

For a space garden party. Shoes. Skirt by Tsumori Chisato. Tshirt by my brother’s old band, The Madison Square Gardeners. My mom got me that necklace in Costa Rica. What? She didn’t get you one? That’s really sad—she must like me more.

For your next business meeting in space. Dries Van Noten hologram shoes. Trench dress by Ever (here’s a similarly spaced-out frock.) Vintage necklace also from my mawm. (Gotta love those moms.)

For space clubbing. These shoes are cooler than mine. Dress by Mirit Weinstock from Pixie Market. Necklace from a children’s toy store in Cannes, just an irreverent something I picked up irreverently on an irreverent summer jaunt to Provence.

One outer space, three ways to look totally Akhenaten—and Pizza—approved.

(I mean, OK, I guess these are sort of peplums or whatever but I don’t listen to trends, what’s a trend? Are you a trend? Aren’t we all just trends? I just keep my grind going and do what I gusta and that’s taken me far, farther than any peplum or PS1 or shoes that look like rockets could hope to carry me, yes folks, it’s carried me all the way from my apartment to really big things.)

So grab your Soviet space dog and throw caution to the solar wind and get out there, up and away, my darling astronauts!

Special shout out to my roommate who is pretty cool but will never be good enough!