Today is the day of all days: VALENTIME’S DAY. If I had my way, it’d be Valentine’s Week. Valentine’s Century, even. 

But it’s not :(

Chin up, though! Even if you’re single! (By the way: if you’re single, which I’m not, definitely practice making out with the back of your hand. It will pay off in spades!!!)

Now back to me, because this blog is about me and my passion for magic cards. To honor this special day, I put on almost every single pink thing I own all at the same time. The result is the sartorial expression of love.

J.Crew Jacket. Scarf gifted from my roommate’s public relations agency that I made up last week. Pink vintage slip under pink tribal print skirt from the Louvre of retail, Pixie Market, under a vintage Comme Des Garcons parachute dress. (As seen on the very famous blog Pizza Rulez!!!! It is my favorite blog, totally check it out!) Cool pink tights from my recent trip to outer space. Shoes by Target x some of Oprah’s old nail clippings. My purse is by Collina Strada, and it’s actually a muff. Like it’s lined with fur and you put your hands in it and it keeps them warm. It joins my phone and my currency in a fur brotherhood.

Close up! Thierry Lasry sunglasses. Vintage New Kids on the Block earrings. My roommate’s Hello Kitty earphones. What could I be listening to?

Amazing. The juxtaposition between the gritty reality of the street and the carefree, childlike pink tones of this Korean teenager really speaks to the tension of modern city living!

What else am I doing to celebrate today? Just some cool Pizza times with Dr. Boyfriend

I’m not kidding. I don’t make jokes. Jokes are for single people.

Pizza Out.