Premium Cool Cats

Assembly New York. Like a rad Scandanavian guy’s ethereal dream of the 1930s.

A Better Roni. Emily has already completed the quest for cool that the rest of us are still on.

BOOOOOOOM!. Accessible art for the hipster in you.

Born in Flames. A dreamscape of musings and sly fashiony thoughts.

Closet Collage. Will eat your dumb tumblr and its aggregation of fanciful fashion photos for breakfast with its exquisite collages.

Creatures of the Wind. Unique forms of continuity in space.

Dr. Boyfriend. I date this.

Enemies! I’m related to this.

Farpitzs. Real talk from the maestro of community building. 

Fivestory. When it opens in April, this store will be Colette meets Quilted Giraffe meets Max’s Kansas City.

GalleristNY. How to talk to Pizza at parties.

Gavin Brown’s Enterprise. A shred of cool remains in Manhattan!

HAHAMAG. Feel alive with art! Support art! Go art! You’re number 1!

Hard Liquor Soft Holes. Slick dude fashions and a devilish voice to boot.

I Got This Shirt On. His Royal Coolness.

Latterstyle. Like, untouchably dope.

Maryam Nassir Zadeh. I want to saddle this unicorn of a store and ride it straight over a rainbow of indie designers.

Mu Qi’s “Six Persimmons.” ”HahahahaHAhaHaHAHAhaha/HA look at me and my inability to paint all these persimmons linearly AREN’T I COOL?” said Mu Qi, probably.

New York gifs by Bobby Finger. Pretty little metropolitan scenes.

Nicolette Mason. She’s the serval’s pajamas.

Pixie Market. Not for the lame of heart.

Project No. 8. They sell bricks covered in angora. 

Ralf Kaspers. Big engulfing photographs.

Rashaad Newsome. Hip-hop heraldry and voguing.

Robert Venturi. “Less is a bore.”

This scene from “La Decima Vittima”. Zippity-do-duh.

Textbook. The man your man can’t blog like.

Wei Tchou. The roommate. 

West Indians. Carefully curated for ultimate cool times.